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  • Segment Specialist


    Segment Specialist Netherlands

    Who are we looking for?
    A full-time (40H) lighting specialist operating in the Netherlands.

    Who we are?
    We are an family owned lighting company based in the Netherlands. We believe that light is the core element of humanity. Just imagne a world without light. This motivate us to design the best of the best lighting possible. 

    How do we achieve this?
    We create lighting experiences from start to finish, from the first technical drawing towards the installation. We are full service with our own design agency, our own production and unique vision on light.

    What is in our eyes a Segment Specialist?
    We operate in many different markets. To manage these markets and needs, we divided them up between segments. For example; Food, Automotive, Optical and so on. Every one of these segments is managed by a lighting specialist, which combines technical knowledge and account management in one function.

    Follow the market demand for lighting products and translate these needs to successful projects within your segment. We work with a company based target, where you will be responsible for a fair share. Mange and service the existing clientele and create new opportunities trough networking and prospecting. We aim to upheld strategic relationships with our clients, so a good mix between single and repeating projects is critical.

    What do we aspect from you?
    • Experience with B2B sales (+/- 2 years)
    • Experience with Lighting products (pré)
    • Commercial insights by training or work history
    • Communicative and well-spoken
    • Project management experience (+/- 2 years)

    If all goes right you can: 
    • Analysing and utilizing market potential 
    • Networking and prospecting
    • Create, nurture and satisfy clients
    • Manage a project from A to Z 
    • Present lighting concepts and plans for clients
    • Be present at fairs
    • Active role in keep the company successful.

    Are you looking for a lighting challenge?

    We ask much, we know. But we do offer some special benefits:

    • We supply you with freedom to do your job
    • We supply you with an Electric Car
    • We supply you with a company Laptop / Ipad & Iphone
    • We supply you with the best lighting designers and advisers
    • We offer you a place to grow and develop

    Do you recognize yourself in the vacancy above? Do not hesitate to send in your resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

    Team LIXERO